Interpreting your words.

Business meetings, medical appointments, legal settings, and social services can become more complicated when multiple languages are needed in order to communicate. Accessible Translation Solutions solves this dilemma by providing on-site interpretation services in various locations for an affordable price. In providing our clients with trained and experienced interpreters, ATS renders the spoken message from one language to another by assigning a qualified professional to each assignment and setting.

Our on-site interpreters are required to have specialized training and qualifications in the area of legal, medical and business settings in order to be assigned to our clients’ projects. We offer on-site interpretation in multiple languages and can handle short-term and long-term assignments.

In addition, ATS can provide your business or organization with telephonic interpreting for times when you need to reach clients, patients and colleagues by phone or for brief or unexpected meetings or appointments. While a two-handset telephone is ideal for this service, you can easily access our telephonic interpreting service it from any phone at any time of the day or night.

For more information or a quote on these services, please visit our List of Languages or Request a Consultation below.

I am involved in civil litigation, from the defense side, in a wide array of cases including auto accident cases, premises liability cases, and other insurance-related cases. I have had the occasion over the past several years, to use the interpretation services of Accessible Translation Solutions. I can tell you that I have been very pleased with their work. Not only are their translation services extraordinary, their demeanor and professionalism during the course of the depositions are also outstanding. I would certainly use them again, and would highly recommend them to others.
— Kevin B.