What do I need to know about my translation project before I contact ATS?

No matter where you are in the translation process for your document, Accessible Translation Solutions is happy to help! We can help you determine which services will best fit your language needs, how long it will take to complete, what we will need in order to provide you a quote, and what to expect along the way. We understand that everyone’s time is important, so being able to respond to you quickly and efficiently is very important to us at ATS. If you have questions about your document or web content translation, there are a few things that will help speed things along for you if we have them in advance when answering your question. This way, we can get a complete answer to you more quickly!

If you are requesting document or web content translation, a copy of the source text will be needed to provide a free quote. Please also let us know the languages with which you’ll be working and the timeline you expect for completion. This will allow us to see the source text, see the length of the project, and ensure the best possible linguists are available to handle your translation depending on the content and type of the document. Since ATS utilizes a separate translator and proofreader or editor for each translation project to ensure accuracy, we’ll also be able to reach out to the proper linguists ahead of time to make sure these individuals are available in the timeline expected. If we are unable to complete the project in the requested timeframe, or if the project timeline falls into the category a rush job, we will let you know as soon as possible so that you are able to properly plan as well.

So how do you contact us for a free quote? You may email us your document in order to make the process easier for you. If you are a new client or wish to request information about a project, please email us at freequote@accessibletranslations.com or you can also fill out the Request a Quote form on our website. If we happen to have any questions outside of the information you’ve provided us, then one of our Project Managers will respond during business hours and request the additional information. And of course, if you have any initial questions for us when you send over your text(s), please don’t hesitate to let us know! We completely understand that document and web content translation may be new for you (or even if you’ve been doing this a while, we know you may have questions at any point!), and we are glad to help with any and everything along the way. We look forward to hearing from you!