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Value and Service over Price Tags

After reading a recent blog post by Will Melton entitled "I cost more, but I'm worth it," we feel even more strongly about our policy on customer service and going the extra mile for clients. Will mentions that he knows he doesn't have the lowest prices in town, and he's ok with that. And why not? He knows that he sells his services at a high value and offers something that any customer is looking for: more bang for your buck. We like to think that we offer the same as a Language Service Provider. Last week a client wrote to us to say that he would have a document ready to send us on a Thursday afternoon and would need it back on the following Friday morning. As it turns out, we didn't hear from him that Thursday afternoon and simply thought it wasn't ready yet. On Friday morning, around 10:30 am, we received a frantic email from him saying that he was sick the day before and someone else was supposed to have sent over the document. He asked if we could have it back to him ASAP.

Of course, this was not the best-case scenario for us. He seemed pretty upset that he was behind on his own deadline, and as a company that would rather not take a project than be late on a deadline, we understand that. So, we rearranged a few things in our schedules and took the project. We had it back to him within three and a half hours.

It was good to know that not only were we able to meet the last-minute needs of a client, but hopefully we helped him to have a smoother afternoon. That's not to say that we can always help someone out of a bind, but hopefully our clients know that if they need something at the last minute, they can ask and we will try our best to meet their needs.

To us, this is a good example of what Will mentioned in his blog. Sure, you might lose a few customers to other providers who are offering similar services for less, but can you say that they offer the same customer service or bang for the buck? It's all about the value.