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Top Tips for Communicating While Traveling Abroad

It's summer vacation time! Check out our top 3 tips for communicating in the local language/culture while traveling abroad. 1. Get Friendly with the Locals. Begin conversations with people wherever you go. Before you leave, pick up one of those pocket-size phrase books that also has pronunciation tips inside.

2. Communicate! Memorize some commonly used greetings and phrases of gratitude. You'd be surprised how friendly locals can be when you've taken the time to learn to say "hello," "thank you" and other key phrases.

3. Be Street Smart. Before you travel, make sure to write down the addresses and phone numbers for where you'll be staying, as well as the information on the nearest consulate. If you have any health issues, you may also want to have a summary of this information translated so that it's handy should you need it.

For any information you'd like to have translated before you leave, ATS is here to help you. Please feel free to upload your documents and request a free consultation so that you can enjoy your trip carefree!