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How to Ease the College Application and Registration Process for International Students

Applying for and registering for college can be a demanding process for any student. From visa requirements to English proficiency exams, international students face a number of unique challenges when it comes to this same registration process. Here are just a few ways you can help make this process a little easier for incoming international students, and in turn, be a more attractive option for those considering attending your university.


1. Create a step-by-step guide that includes all the requirements a student will need to fulfill when applying for and registering for classes. This guide should be easily accessible on your university’s website. Consider having separate web pages for each subtask to keep things organized and easy to follow, as well. Each link should be clearly labeled and each page should provide links to the next steps in an easy-to-follow format so that a potential incoming student has no trouble navigating the steps in the process.

2. Consider having a professional translate portions of the admissions web pages. Students often rely on family members or other to help them enroll or make a decision on which institution to attend. Having potentially complicated information available in the student’s/family’s primary language could certainly be helpful in helping them make a decision about choosing your university as their home for the next four years.

3. Provide phone numbers that will connect students directly to someone knowledgeable in international student admissions.  If certain admissions officers or advisors are trained in fielding questions and concerns about different guidelines and forms for international students, route the phone calls directly to these individuals for the best possible experience when these students need help during the process.

Once the student is accepted, offer a separate and required international student orientation when he or she arrives. This orientation should cover all aspects of how your university is equipped to help them succeed as an international student on your campus. This will show students that you are not only dedicated to their success from the very beginning, but it also allows you to instruct them on the resources available as they continue their journey at your university.