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4 Things Your Money Will Buy Besides a Quality Translation

Beginning a new translation project for your company can be a daunting task. Having a good quality translation is key to the project’s success, but you may also be looking at your budget, wondering how the translation will fit into it and why it is worth spending the money to have it done professionally. When looking to make every dollar count, it is important to know what you are getting when you have your document, brochures, website, etc. translated. Below is a brief list of what you can expect to get for your money, other than a good quality translation.

  1. A growing customer base. Having your project translated gives your company the potential to reach a whole new group of customers. A consumer is more likely to engage with a brand if there is material available in his or her native language. It is more comfortable for the consumer, and as a result, this person feels at ease with your company, knowing you are making the effort to reach them directly. These curious consumers could easily turn into loyal customers for your business.
  2. Reduced customer service interactions. If you’ve translated your materials into the language of your customers, these individuals will have fewer questions for a customer service department. Let’s say, for example, that you are looking to translate an instruction manual for assembling furniture. If the instructions are only available in English, a LEP individual (limited English proficiency), may only understand the main ideas and as a result, could put together the item incorrectly or have to call the customer care line for assistance. Every interaction is a cost to your business, so reducing these interactions with well-written translated instructions could help reduce the cost in this area. Customers who are able to follow along easily with your product are also more likely to turn into…
  3. Happier, loyal, repeat customers. If the instruction manual was difficult for the person to read, and he or she struggled to complete it without additional help and support, the customer will remember this experience and potentially choose another company’s products in the future when looking to purchase similar items or a replacement down the road. If, on the other hand, the materials were translated well and the customer had an easy time following along and putting the item together, he or she will remember that, too, and will be likely to continue purchasing your products in the years to come.
  4. Increased profits year over year (YOY). The initial investment of translating your materials may seem costly. However, the potential for reduced customer service interactions, along with happier, loyal long-term customers you’ve been able to reach because of the translations will turn a profit for your company in the long run. You should be able to see the great return on investment (ROI) in your YOY profits.

Translation is a fantastic tool for reaching new markets and building a loyal customer base. When considering the ROI for translation services, be sure to think mid-to-long-term for your company. Although you may not see a profit right away, the investment is well worth the numbers you will see over the years to come as your customer base continues to grow and expand, earning your business more profit all the while.