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How can telephonic interpretation benefit you and your company?

One of the first questions new interpretation buyers ask when they reach out to us for an interpreter is whether or not they will need to have one of our interpreters come to their office several times a week in order to be available when an LEP (Limited English Proficient) individual shows up or calls in for information or an appointment. Our answer? Not necessary. Of course, we are happy to have new clients, but we want what's best for our clients, and having an interpreter on-site for an extended period of time without the definite need for his/her services is not practical or cost-effective. So, what do we suggest? Telephonic interpretation.

If you are unable to foresee the time/date that you'll need an interpreter to assist your clients and staff, how can you give the LEP individual your undivided attention when he/she calls in or shows up unexpectedly? Telephonic interpretation can be very effective in these situations, and you don't need an appointment. Many of our clients choose this option in order to best handle incoming phone calls, unexpected visits and for times when their staff needs to reach an LEP patient or client to relay information.

How does it work? Our over-the-phone interpreters are trained and screened before they ever take the first phone call. They maintain complete confidentiality of your organization's information and are professionals who can assist you to speak to clients and staff without the stress of making an appointment for a meeting and having to call in an on-site interpreter. We will set up an account for you and supply you with a toll-free number to call whenever you need the service. You also have the option of making a three-way call with our phone interpretation option.


Some of our clients use the service to interact with clients and colleagues overseas, while others just want to communicate with individuals who frequently come to their office but have little to no fluency in English. Whatever the case may be, we can support you and give you an accessible solution in over 150 languages.

How do you know if this is the best option for you? Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do you find yourself at a loss when LEP customers or staff need to talk to you and you haven't had time or been able to find an on-site interpreter?

2. Do you want to show these LEP individuals that you do care about your interactions with them and want to give them the attention they deserve?

3. Do you want a service you don't have to worry about scheduling and that is always there when you need it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, find out more about our telephonic interpretation services today and let us be your solution.