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Hiring Translators With Specializations Is Key For Any Industry’s Translation Needs

The texts your business produces are not all the same in content. Some may be meant for ads, while others are more technical for manuals or internal documents. Your industry may have very specific register, or terminology that is used only within your industry's setting. The common person may not have any idea what a “sidewall retainer bolt” is, much less know how to translate it into another language. The same can be true for terminology regarding advertising, human resource materials, website text, etc. Just as businesses specialize and operate in niche areas, so do translators. Therefore, it’s important to consider working with specialized translators for your documents and web materials in order to obtain the most accurate translations possible.

Consider a scenario in which your company’s legal department requires a service provider agreement to be translated into Spanish. You may have a trusted translator who handles your brochures and marketing materials throughout the year. However, the translator may not have the same level of expertise or linguistic knowledge in the target language when it comes to legal texts. In this case, it’s best to seek another translator with such expertise or hire an agency with the ability to place a professional legal translator on your project.

When receiving a resume from a potential translator that has areas of specialization in just about every field imaginable, we become very skeptical. Even in one’s own native language, it can be difficult to carry on a conversation with someone in a field with we don’t deal with daily. Even if a client requests a translation and adds, “It’s really not technical at all,” or “It’s pretty straightforward content,” we make sure to place it with the linguists who we know are specialized in the content area(s). One can never be too sure when it comes to accurate translations for their business. It could mean the difference between winning a contract with a potential client or never hearing from them again.