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Solutions for Part-time Interpreting Needs

It doesn’t always make smart business sense to hire an on-site interpreter to be present during all business hours. Many times, your company may go days, weeks or even longer without ever needing someone to interpret for limited English proficiency (LEP) individuals. However, it’s a good idea to have a plan for what to do in the situations when one might be needed. This will help ensure that your company is able to provide services for these individuals. So what options do you have? One option is to have an on-call interpreter who can visit the site as needed, either for short or long-term assignments. The interpreter will be able to provided face-to-face assistance with your customer. This is a great option for when you are able to schedule the LEP individual’s visit in advance, or when you may need more long-term assistance.

When waiting for an interpreter to arrive to assist face-to-face is not realistic or when you may only need quick assistance, telephonic interpretation may make more sense. Telephonic interpreters provide an easy and reliable solution when a customer comes into your office or calls needing assistance, for example.

While hiring a full-term interpreter to be present on-site can make sense for your company if you have a consistent need to interpret for LEP individuals, it is good to have other options for when this isn’t the case. At ATS, we are glad to help your company plan for any situation that may arise in which interpreting would be the best solution. Click here to request a free consultation today.