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In what language do you vote?

Today is election day! Did you vote? Votaste? Votou? In what language do you vote? The Associated Press published some statistics last month on the number of counties the federal government will require to provide bilingual ballots leading up to the elections in 2012. The number given is 248 currently, but our guess is that the number will increase before then. "In all, more than 1 in 18 jurisdictions must now provide foreign-language assistance in pre-election publicity, voter registration, early voting and absentee applications as well as Election Day balloting," writes Hope Yen of the AP.

Latinos who do not feel proficient in English will have the right to Spanish-language ballots and other materials in several states with large Latino populations. Other languages that will be seen on ballots are various native American languages, Bengali, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Vietnamese and several others depending on demographics in each region. Pew Research recently gave information on what districts will provide ballots in languages other than English.

So, what are your thoughts on providing bilingual ballots at the polls? In what language do you vote or would you like to vote?