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Girl Scouts reach out to Latina girls and families by launching new Spanish-language campaign

Native English speakers are slowly, but surely, coming to see the great influence and buying power of Latinos in the U.S. today. Latinos currently spend trillions of dollars in our country, yet many people have never thought to market to this community of consumers. More and more we see that businesses launch new campaigns and websites in Spanish (among other languages for other growing consumer groups), but it has been somewhat slow to take off...until now. The Girl Scouts of the USA just launched a Spanish-language campaign to reach out to young girls who wish to be a part of a group that teaches life skills and builds community. They have cleverly added a Spanish-language website, a move that many are seeing to be extremely advantageous these days. They are also producing marketing materials and a guide in Spanish.

Besides meeting the needs of language, the Girl Scouts have met the needs for technology use by creating an app to use during that time of the year when most of us are seeking out the Girl Scouts' cookie order forms. So, it makes sense that they would try to reach Latinas online, especially since Latinos are one of the number one users of the internet via mobile devices.

Giovanni Rodriguez, author of 'The Girl Scout Hispanic Marketing Playbook: 'Be Prepared' mentions in his article on that content and language need to be linked. He notes, "When thinking of language and content, not only does the company need to think about the preferences of the 2.3 million girls in its organization, it also needs to think about 880,000 adult volunteers that comprise the organization's backbone. More than ever, the preferences of these volunteers matter. Many of them prefer to speak Spanish, even if the girls in their lives do not."

Another fabulous resource for linking content and language in marketing strategies via technology is Joe Kutchera's book, Latino Link: Building Brands Online with Hispanic Communities and Content, which we've mentioned before. However, we think it deserves another mentioning!!

So, what are you doing to market your organization or business? Bravo to the Girl Scouts for catching on to the need for Spanish-language content, as well as to Giovanni and Joe for being leaders in getting the word out about the need for such materials and content!