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Email Marketing to International Real Estate Customers: How to Be Compliant and Effective

If your real estate agency conducts email marketing campaigns, you know how crucial targeted emails can be. Your customers can learn about what’s new in your business or market, about current promotions, read about relevant news items related to the real estate industry, or even plan a move based on something they see in your email campaigns. The information you present to them in the form of a newsletter can help a customer become more engaged with your agency, and in turn, increase their confidence in you as their agent.


If you plan to target an audience in an international market, there are a few key points to consider when sending your email marketing campaigns their way in order to make sure you are both effective and compliant.

· Once you know which international markets you’re targeting, be sure to have a professional translate and localize the content for each country. Choose only the content that is relevant for potential buyers in these markets; you will not need to send them information on items that are only relevant to U.S. buyers, for example. Sending the information in their own language shows that you have written the content with them in mind specifically, and as a result, potential international buyers will be more likely to connect and engage with you.

· Familiarize yourself with email regulations in the target country. Check for anti-spam laws in the countries and regions where you intend to send your emails, and make sure you have a clearly visible opt-out button for those who no longer wish to receive your targeted emails.

· Consider time zones. Make sure you are not sending emails when subscribers are unlikely to engage with or even open them, like in the middle of the night, for example. Take different time zones into account when you are scheduling your emails for optimal engagement.

· Look into what constitutes a successful email campaign in the countries you’re targeting. What types of subject lines have higher open rates? How often are these emails sent? How professional or relaxed is the tone of the email? The answers will likely vary by country/region, so doing a bit of research in advance will help ensure that you are sending the most effective content to potential international buyers.