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Interview with an Expert: Social media marketing to the Latino community

We recently had the opportunity to interview Natasha Pongonis, Co-founder of Nativa. In doing so, we further realized the strong connection between our services at Accessible Translation Solutions and the great work she and her team do daily to improve client strategies for marketing to the Latino community. Listen to Natasha explain the importance going beyond the simple translation of marketing materials and connecting with Spanish speakers to build trust and improve loyalty among this client base.

NATASHA PONGONIS is the Co-Founder of Social Media Spanish and Director at DK Web Consulting. Natasha is a social media and business communications expert with extensive international marketing experience. She develops key content for many brands and Governmental agencies engaging the diverse Hispanic audiences through her understanding of communication between cultures, traditions, and regional variations of Spanish.

A native of Argentina, she has worked with companies in Europe, North and South America developing a strong sense of understanding companies’ needs and assuring brands’ relevant online presence.

Question: What is it about the Latino market that caused you and your business partner to open your company, Social Media Spanish (SMS)?

Natasha's Answer

Question: Do you believe that marketing in Spanish will become more common in advertising, as companies begin to see the buying power of US Latinos?

Natasha's Answer

Question: What types of social media marketing campaigns are requested most by your clients?

Natasha's Answer

Question: What are three tips you have for companies who wish to reach Latino consumers but don’t know where to start?

Natasha's Answer

Question: How much can companies expect to grow their bottom line by putting content and marketing campaigns in Spanish and “transcreating” their products to be attractive to Spanish-speaking consumers?

Natasha's Answer

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