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How Your University Can Stand Out to a Diverse Crowd

With all of the options that students have to choose from when they are deciding which university to attend, how can you make yours stand out? With an ever-increasing diverse population of families here in the U.S., one way to help your university shine is to provide materials and events in a preferred language for incoming and current students and families. 


Even if the students planning to potentially attend your university speak English very well, it is entirely possible that their parents and families do not. Some of these students may be the first generation in their families to speak English. Before choosing a home for their higher education, many students will confer with their parents when making the final decision, especially when it comes to affordability and location. If materials are available in the family’s preferred language, your institution will stand out among the rest, and these parents will likely feel more comfortable with the decision to send their children there.

So what materials can you have translated that will help your incoming/current students and their families feel more at ease? We’ve compiled a list of items you may want to consider to make things easier for you!

  • admissions materials, cost estimators, financial aid information, and checklists/important deadlines for students wishing to apply;
  • student materials, such as handbooks, course descriptions, and information on the majors and programs of study offered at your university;
  • any handouts you may provide on guided visits/tours (you may even wish to have on-site interpreters available during these tours for parents who do not speak English well, but who also wish to take the tour and gather information about your campus);
  • a list of external resources that may be available for families and students who speak more limited English;
  • your institution’s website, especially the parts geared toward incoming students

Knowing where to begin can be difficult, especially if you have a diverse population of students! First, it is key to understand the demographics of your current or potential students. This will help tremendously. We recommend choosing one or two of the languages most commonly spoken and building your translated material offerings from there. If you have any questions about the process of having these things translated for your institution by a professional team, we are always here to help. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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