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Gearing Up for the New Year: Do Your Translations Need Updates?

With a flip of the calendar, it’s time to begin gearing up for a brand new year. For many businesses, this also means the beginning of a new quarter, with new quarterly and annual plans and goals to achieve. New business initiatives are in the works and marketing campaigns are planned for the coming months. If these changes could potentially impact any previously translated materials, or materials you’d like to have translated in the future, now is a good time to revisit your strategy to reach all intended audiences.

Something to keep in mind is that you likely don't need to have everything retranslated if you’re just making updates. If you are simply updating a few paragraphs of an employee handbook, for example, you can supply your trusted translation vendor with the previous translation and the updates without having to worry about redoing the whole translation. It is important that your non-English speaking audience understands all updates to the policy in this case, as well, so the sooner these are translated and updated, the better.

It’s also not too early to begin thinking of the rest of your 2018 marketing strategies. If you decide to reach a broader audience than just those who speak English, it would be good to look into translating and localizing your marketing materials now. Many people try to make personal changes for themselves with the new year, and this time could easily be the best moment to develop new marketing strategies for your business. Having your marketing materials translated and localized is the best way to ensure you reach the broadest audience in 2018.

If your company is interested in updating any previously translated materials or new initiatives, we want to help make 2018 the best year for you. Please reach out with any questions you may have about the process. We will be glad to help!